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Fixing, Cleaning & Sealing

We stock a range of products for fixing and grouting your stone tiles and for sealing and cleaning stone surfaces once installed.

Installing tiles


Keraquick - a rapid set flexible adhesive
Ultracolor Plus - a range of coloured grouts
Mapesil AC - a range of coloured silicone sealants


Rapidflex white adhesive - a rapid set flexible white adhesive

Sealing and Cleaning


MN Stain-Stop - an impregnator that helps prevent staining
MN Stain-Stop Eco - an impregnator that helps prevent staining
MN Easy-Clean - for cleaning natural stone kitchen counters during and after cooking
UNI Oil-Ex - removes stubborn grease and oil stains
PRO Stain-Away - dissolves oil, grease, paint and other coverings
UNI Wexa - a multi purpose cleaner which dissolves grease, wax films etc
MN Colour Intensifier - enhances the colour of rough stone surfaces and makes them dirt and water repellent
UNI Easy-Care - for the cleaning and maintenance of stone floors
MN Power-Clean - for thorough cleaning of floors
Builder's Clean - removes cement residue and encrusted dirt. Not recommended for polished marble and limestone
UNI Stain-Stop W - a solvent free impregnator that helps prevent staining