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stoneCIRCLE is an approved fabricator for Silestone, the UK's leading brand of quartz used to manufacture kitchen and bathroom worktops. Silestone is popular for its durability which is similar to that of granite, as it is made of up to 90% natural quartz.  It is also offered in a very wide choice of colours, with the newest slabs mimicking black and white marble.   

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The surface pattern of Silestone products is much more uniform than that of natural stone, allowing you to be sure of what you are getting when ordering, unlike a natural stone which varies from slab to slab.  However, if you are planning to match to existing worktops, you need to be aware that there are slight differences between batches in a similar way to wallpaper.

Silestone offers a 25 year warranty on its materials as long as they are registered within 60 days of purchase.  For a comprehensive quote covering both the supply and installation of your new Silestone kitchen or bathroom, please use the button below.

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