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Shower Trays & Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular with the advent of modern waterproofing techniques and the move towards showering rather than bathing.  Natural stone is the perfect material to create a luxurious but practical room.

Limestone and marble shower trays can be set in to the floor with tiles in the same stone around, or the whole floor including the shower area can be tiled.

stoneCIRCLE makes shower trays to the dimensions required so you can build the shower in to an alcove with a natural stone shower tray and use panles or tiles on the walls.

Any stone lends itself to being used in a wet room, but in particular marble, limestone and travertine lend themselves well to the bathroom environment and quartz or a sintered stone can even be used for a more uniform look.

Basins and vanity tops can be made in the same stone allowing you to co-ordinate the whole of the wet room.

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A bathroom made in stone

For details of the other bathroom products that we can and have manufactured, such as stone shower trays, marble basins, travertine baths, please see our bathroom page. We also supply bathroom tiles and wall panelling.

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