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Chesney's Fireplaces & Stoves

Chesney's Fireplaces and Stoves

stoneCIRCLE stocks Chesney's fireplaces and stoves in both its Newbury and Basingstoke showrooms. Chesney's has been making fireplaces for 25 years and aims to create the best fireplaces that there are. 

We've installed selected models of stoves, fireplaces, inserts, fire baskets and accessories such as tools at our showrooms. The images that you can see opposite are some of these.


Chesney's traditional fireplaces are exact replicas of historical pieces and renowned for their authenticity, whilst the contemporary collection features pieces by some of the world's leading designers.


The use of traditional hand methods and the finest materials in the manufacture of the stoves and fireplaces ensures outstanding craftsmanship.


Chesney's range of wood burning stoves, developed in conjunction with the National Trust has been designed to ensure efficient use of fuel with minimal emissions.


New designs and improvements are continually added to both the period and contemporary collections as well the finest "museum" collection.

Design Your Own Fireplace

You can also design your own fireplace with our mix and match option which allows you to choose the surround and fire basket or register grate and alter the wall colour and size of the opening to match your own room. Please click here to visit the site. Once you've finished visit one of our showrooms or contact us to order.

More on Chesney's

For more information visit the Chesney's site.