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St George's Chapel, Westminster Cathedral

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stoneCIRCLE produced the marble for Tom Phillips' depiction of the Tyburn Gallows in his design for the Chapel of St George and the English Martyrs in Westminster Cathedral.  

The company took the artist's drawing and faithfully redrew it so that each piece and letter could be cut on the waterjet machine.  The pieces were then bonded onto a 10mm carrara backing slab and polished in our workshop before being crated and sent to the site for installation.

The wall features several different types of marble: Alpine Jade, Amarello de Negrais, Azul Bahia, Noir St Laurent, Rosso Impero, Bianco Carrara Extra and Porforico Noce.   The marble was supplied by Ian McDonald of McMarmilloyd.

Further details can be found in an article in the Catholic Herald and on Tom Phillips' site.

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