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New 5 axis waterjet for stoneCIRCLE

Date: 4th February 2019 Author:

The first Techni 5 axis waterjet machine to be installed in the UK was fitted in our Basingstoke factory at the end of 2018.  Following the growth in orders manufactured on our existing 3-axis waterjet cutter we decided to invest in a 5-axis machine to increase capacity and take advantage of the superior capabilities of the more advanced machinery, particularly in view of the challenges of cutting the ultra-compact materials now being supplied by a number of synthetic stone manufacturers.

An additional bonus is that the GMM Techni offers reduced running costs due to the energy-efficient Quantum NXT ESP66-G4 electro servo pump, alllowing us to run the machine more cheaply than the 3-axis version.

Techni 5 axis machine in stonecircle factory

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