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Iraq, Afghanistan and Gulf War Memorial

Date: 9th March 2017 Author: Steve Vanhinsbergh
Keywords: Architectural Materials: Portland Stone

Paye  Stonework and Restoration Ltd, the contractors for the memorial to the dead in the Iraq, Afghanistan and Gulf conflicts chose stoneCIRCLE to produce the monument.  The mammoth structure was designed by Paul Day, a well-known sculptor who also produced the monument for the Battle of Britain.  It commemorates both military and civilian deaths in the regions .  It was unveiled on 9th March and is situated in Victoria Embankment Gardens near the MoD building.

The monument was produced in Jordans Basebed Portland Stone and is composed of several blocks, the largest of which weighed 7000kg each.  In fact they were so heavy that stoneCIRCLE's lifting equipment could not cope with them and we had to buy in a 15 tonne crane to help with the job.  The crane now makes life much easier for the team that unloads the delivery lorries.

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