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Samantha Thornton was commissioned to convert one of her existing stone sculptures, the Diver in Ancaster Weatherbed into a larger version for a client.  The Wiltshire-based sculptor approached stoneCIRCLE to produce the reproduction.  The company used their large Omag 5-Axis machine to carve a 1600kg block of Jordans Basebed Portland stone.  The CNC technology meant that they could manufacture the sculpture directly from a 3D polystyrene model that Samantha Thornton had provided.

The final sculpture measured 123cm high x 102cm long and weighed 850kg.  It was fitted onto a 1200kg black Irish Kilkenny Fossil marble base 810mm x 810mm x 650mm high before being shipped to France where it is now installed in the grounds of a chateau in the Loire valley.

"She has been installed and looks great. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to getting a new commission for you to help me with!!!"

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