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Harrods Fine Watch Room

stoneCIRCLE's work for the Harrods Fine Watch Room was highly commended at the Natural Stone Awards 2018

Project details:


Project summary:

Rundell Associates were the architects tasked with refurbishing the Fine Watch Sales area in Harrods, Knightsbridge and choose to work with stoneCIRCLE for the stone fabrication involved.  The project was to manufacture and install curved quarter book matched marble panels to the walls and solid marble treads to create a new staircase positioned in an elliptical opening in the floor which links the two areas of the Fine Watch Room.  stoneCIRCLE also fabricated walnut travertine back panels to the display cases on the wall.

A single block of Cipollino Cremo Tirreno marble was selected in Italy by Mike Rundell, designer and founder of Rundell Associates and sourced through McMamilloyd of Great Bedwyn for the walls.  Crema Marfil was selected in Spain for the stair treads, apron nosings and floors.

The slabs needed to be sawn to different sizes to allow for the panels to curve round the walls of the ellipse.  The walls and stairs were modelled in 3D by stoneCIRCLE to ensure that these sizes were correctly calculated.  From the modelling a cutting schedule detailing the thicknesses and sequence of each slab from the block was sent to Italy so that the block could be sawn. The slabs used at each end of the ellipse were thicker to allow for the tighter curves.

Once the slabs were in our Basingstoke factory they were photographed on our Slabsmith photo station and rendered so that the book matching could be worked out. This was then approved by both the client and architect, before the slabs were cut and shaped on our CNC saws ready to be honed by hand.

The approximate weight of the finished wall panels was 240 kg each and the individual treads were roughly 275 kg, so for installation we needed to have a ceiling scaffold in place from which was suspended a gantry crane and a chain block hoist.

The walls and tread supports were built by Jaysam in metsec to a drawing agreed with us. The walls were of 18mm ply covered by 12mm Wedi board.  The original time allowed for the installation was 4 weeks but we were told that the scaffold and gantry were coming down and had to speed up the installation to have all of the treads and wall panels in place in 2 weeks.  The panels were adhesive bonded to the Wedi board and mechanically fixed with stainless steel L brackets and pins.

Mike Rundell said "The sweeping staircase is a significant new architectural feature that we hope will be enjoyed by customers for years to come".

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