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Mandrake Hotel, London

stoneCIRCLE was asked by Beck Interiors to fabricate the marble for the fabulous new Mandrake Hotel.

Project summary:

Marble was used extensively throughout the penthouse, bathrooms, washrooms and bar areas of the boutique hotel with bookmatching a particular feature of many of the interiors.

The Penthouse

Polished Greylac marble was used for the bedroom of the penthouse to stunning effect.  The bookmatching on the floor was continued on to the seating and bed platform and then up the walls to form a headboard and TV wall.   The top of the dining table was also in the same marble.

The main bathroom was fitted out in polished Mystery White with the top and surround of the bath, the vanity top and sides, and the walls and floors all clad in the marble.  Mystery White was also used in the shower room, and for both the private and guest toilets. 

The Mandrake Suite

The bathroom floor and vanity in this room were all in bookmatched polished Black Wave (also known as Silver Wave) with the rich colours complementing the copper basins and taps.

The Junior Suites

Honed Carrara marble was used for the vanity units and shower seats in these areas.

Other Guest Rooms

The ensuite rooms throughout the hotel were equipped with a variety of vanity tops in different honed marbles according to the effect required: these were Nero Marquina, White Beauty, Royal Mahogany, Rosa Egeo, Carrara and Alabastro Oniciato.

The Bars

The Waeska bar has a polished Madagascar Blue (also known as Labradorite Blue) granite top, the rich colours of which complement the art which adorns the walls.

A second bar, the Serge is fitted with a polished Acquasanta marble bar top with polished Zimbabwe Black shelf inside the cocktail cabinet, and Zimbabwe Black was also used for further bar tops and the top to the cutlery cabinet in the Private Dining room.

The Courtyard

The courtyard is paved with Classic Travertine, Nero Marquina and Rojo Alicante marble which was cut on the stoneCIRCLE waterjet cutter and then bonded to a carrara backing for additional strength and to make it easier to install.

The Reception Desk

The restaurant reception desk was made of quad matched polished Breccia Pontificia which was bonded to a honeycomb backer for strength.

The Lifts

The two lifts had marble fitted in the floor: one was totally covered in polished Nero Marquina; the other was a diamond chequer board of polished Nero Marquina and Carrara marbles.

The Washrooms

The handwash area uses a dramatic black and white geometric design with polished Mystery White and Nero Marquina marbles on the walls and floors, and polished Neolith Estatuario sintered stone and Nero San Marcos granite in a leather finish for the basin pedestal.

The male toilets are entirely done out in polished Nero Marquina marble on the walls, floors and for the urinal dividers whilst the Ladies have polished Mystery White marble walls and floors.

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