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stoneCIRCLE was subcontracted by PAYE to inscribe lettering and a representation of the ancient walls of the temple in the panels on the stairs leading  down in to the reconstructed Roman temple of Mithras.  PAYE supplied the black granite panels for stoneCIRCLE to complete the work.

The Temple is located underneath the Bloomberg's new European Headquarters in the City of London which was awarded the 2018 RIBA Stirling Prize for Architecture.  It was originally discovered when a bombsite was being cleared in 1954 after which it was reconstructed on a site about 100m away.  When the site was again cleared prior to the new building being constructed, Bloomberg undertook to restore the temple to its original site and create a free public museum giving access to it.  A further archaeological dig was also carried out before building work started.

The panels worked on by stoneCIRCLE give the timeline of the various depths below current street level as you descend the stairs to the Roman Temple which now lies 7m below the surface.

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