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Cloak Watches

stoneCIRCLE helped Cloak Watches develop stone faces for their new watch designs.

Project details:

  • Client name: Cloak Watches
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Project summary:

Cloak Watches is a new venture that is just launching a range of watches with interchangeable faces, many of which are made from slices of stone.  We helped them to develop the faces, supplying stone for them to experiment with slicing the stone into 1mm thick pieces that are then polished. 

We will continue to provide them with stone for the production of their watch faces.  The stone comes from stone cores that are a by-product of our production process which was previously sent to be crushed and used in construction, making the watch faces green as well as stylish!

You can learn more on the Cloak Watches site and on their Facebook page where you can also see videos of the manufacturing process.

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