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The Longitude Dial Hatfield House

Project details:

Project summary:

We were commissioned to manufacture the stone compass rose to accompany the Longitude Dial at Hatfield House. Installed in 2011 to mark the 400th anniversary of the house, the compass rose was manufactured in a variety of different stones, mainly from around the United Kingdom.
This involved carving 7000 letters into extremely hard Cornish De Lank granite as well as the main direction indicators on the compass points which were machined and then had bronze inserted into the letters. The rest of the installation was made using Zimbabwe Black granite, Heather Red and Heather Blue Welsh slate and Elterwater Light Green slate from Burlington.
The machining of all of the stones and lettering needed to be extremely accurate to ensure that the gnomon would show the correct time once the piece was installed.
You can read more about Longitude Dials and William Andrewes here and/or visit the Hatfield House website.

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