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Stone was used as the main material for the refit of the bathrooms and public washrooms at the upmarket Forbury Hotel Reading.  stoneCIRCLE was chosen as the stone supplier and worked directly with the hotel’s own project manager to establish the specification on a natural theme.  The eventual choice was to use Trevisan, a marble composite engineered stone in a creamy off white colour for the walls, but as cladding rather than as tiles.  This material gave the luxurious feel of natural stone but without the variations in colour and patterning that are an inherent quality. 

Each of the thirty seven rooms was a different size and shape and this meant that they all had to be surveyed and the stones cut individually to fit from a 20mm thick slab.  Some of the finished stones were as large as 2100mm x 500mm.  The cladding was rebated to enable strips of rectangular glass mosaics in shades of beige to be fixed in between each slab. 

Trevisan was also used for the floors as floor tiles, and for the vanity tops, bath tops and shower trays, all made to size in the stoneCIRCLE factory.  The basins were inset in to the vanity tops and the glass strips were used again as an accent for the edges.  In keeping with the natural theme of the stone, dark wooden frames with recessed lighting were placed around the basin and mirror area providing a visual break within the room.

The treatment of the shower area depended on the layout of the room, with some recessed into a niche completely clad in Trevisan stone with a shower tray in the same material and others with more of a wet room feel, consisting of a shower tray divided from the rest of the area by a glass screen.

Areas not covered by cladding were painted in a dark beige tone which complemented the colour of the stone and the browns and beiges of the glass and wood; the whole creating a calm, airy, sophisticated space in which to relax.

Trevisan was also used in the public washrooms of the hotel, where the basins were carved from 150mm slabs of the material with one slab being used for each run.  The floors were also tiled in Trevisan.

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