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Flagship Store Staircases

stoneCIRCLE was commissioned by EDM to fabricate the stone for 12 Corinthian Beige Marble staircases for the prestigious Burberry Regent Street store in London.

Project details:

In Pictures

Flagship Store Corinthian Beige Marble Staircases

Project summary:

Solid stone would have been too heavy for the load bearing limits of the building, so the staircases were all built out of steel which was then clad in marble. This meant that the company had to make shaped underside pieces in addition to the treads, risers and curved strings. In all 180 tonnes of Grecian marble were used in the manufacture of the staircases.

A video of the finished store featuring the staircases is available on the Burberry site.

The company was also commissioned to provide the curved strings for the staircases that were installed in the Burberry Shanghai store.  The rest of the marble for the staircases was fabricated in China, but the Chinese supplier did not have the technology to make the strings.

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