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Complimentary Anniversary Cookbook

Looking for ideas of what to cook in your new kitchen?

Our complimentary cookbook takes you on a trip through world cuisine.  Anna Fidler, our culinary expert, searched out traditional recipes from the countries that we had chosen, and added a modern twist where necessary, adapting the techniques to the contemporary cook. In the process she created an eclectic mix of dishes that has something for every occasion. The book has been arranged in rough geographical order, from Norway south through Europe, across to the Middle East, down through Africa, then to Asia and finally Brazil. Interspersed with the recipes are photographs of our work featuring stones that are relevant to the various countries.

The cookbook is being given to everyone that places an order for stoneCIRCLE worktops: browse our kitchens page to find out more about the different possibilities and see examples of worktops we have done, or check out the steps to owning your own worktop.